AUGMENTUM is a leading software services provider with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, and Foster City. Our services cover enterprise IT, web 2.0 applications, e-commerce, and gaming. With a mix of agile development methodology, design, and UX, Augmentum is capapble of delivering the top notch experiences necessary to make your products successful.

is an interactive agency focusing on the creation and use of dynamic technologies for delivering unique online brand experiences. Our clients include some of South Africa's leading brands namely Sony, LG, Altech Autopage Cellular,, MTN and Dell.

HOTEL DE VILLE has created the next evolution in post facilities, a fresh new solution through creating an “in-house” post solution for creative agencies with the remote “concierge desk” model. Taking advantage of new technology and multi-skilled operators, we allow agencies to deliver high quality production at lower costs and faster turnaround times than traditional facilities which results in the end client perceiving a marked improvement in the total creative delivery process.

STEPWORKS is an integrated branding and marketing communications agency that places equal importance on creative flair and intelligent client servicing. We breathe life into brands and build sales with world class services spanning brand strategy, corporate identity, and above- below- and through-the-line creative campaign development and execution.